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Supporting Insurgent American

If you’d like to send us a check or money order please request our mailing address via contact form.

IA will be completely transparent with subscribers, readers, and the public. As of this initial notice, it is being run by two people on their own dime: Stan Goff and Brian Russell.

Any support for this project will go to (1st) pay basic expenses for the operation of IA, and (2nd) support Brian as the chief technical engineer and communications guru, and (3rd) support Stan Goff as both a content provider and an organizer, and (4th, if we get that far) to pay modest compensation for additional content-providers.

We are seeking a baseline that will allow both of us to devote our fullest attention to the development of this project and the organizing that will emerge from it.

We promise for that 34 cents a day to provide provocative and practical content from the unique perspective of this project (which aims to be more than a web site): the perspective that the urgency of social revolution has never been greater. We aim to become a resource for information and analysis, but also a laboratory in which we seek ways to combine and nurture relationships between ordinary people, the movements for self-determination, the practical efforts to develop and promote sustainable community self-sufficiency, the religious left, the political left (organized and independent), pioneers in social mapping, and a host of other people who have special contributions to make to the Insurgent American project of becoming a practical strategic resource.

A special note on gender and gender-consciousness. The two people working on this project at this point are obviously men. One of the core beliefs that will inform every moment of this project is that gender (defined as a system of oppressive social power) has for too long been sloughed off by activist men as a women’s issue. Men must not only become accountable on day-to-day issues of gendered power, we must become active allies of women in the struggle against patriarchy. This issue goes to the very deepest roots of social injustice, and we consider it more than an afterthought among organizers or a women’s ghetto within the Academy.

IA will not organize itself as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Consequently, subscriptions will not be tax deductible. While many non-profits are engaged in important research and advocacy, there are practical limitations placed on non-profits by the Internal Revenue Service, as well as bureaucratic requirements that IA is not willing to accept. This disqualifies us for foundation funding; so support by subscribers, based on shared values and practical advantage, is crucial. IA is fundamentally committed to the belief that the limits on social transformation work can be directly located at those points where any person, organization, or project is dependentupon the dominant social infrastructure.

Our key purpose is to explore, determine, distribute, and nurture the means for literal independence as the precondition for a decisive break with this system.