I have been corresponding, when they allow it, with Kevin Rashid Johnson ever since, some time ago, our thinkpieces were carried side by side in Socialism and Democracy (Issue 38) His was A Practical Approach to Strategic Organizing for Popular Struggle. Mine was called A Period for Pedagogy. His was the better article of the two by a long shot.

Rashid is locked up in the notorious Red Onion supermax confinement facility, hosted by the state of Virginia.

Via my friend Inga Muscio, I just received the email being distributed by Rashids representative on the outside. Please spread this around on the internet and take the time to follow the action steps.


[NOTE: For the actual documents referenced below, email or call Becky 703-463-0558 [email protected] ]

dear folks,

please read the attached reports before making these important phone
calls. also, please forward this email to anyone you know who will put
in a phone call.


– Forwarded message –
Date: Mar 1, 2007 10:15 PM
Subject: Alert: Kevin Rashid Johnson in Danger
To: [email protected]

With a great sense of urgency we write to you for help. We believe
that FedUp!s co-founder, Kevin Rashid Johnsons life is in danger.
In the past week, he has been maced, thrown into a wall, death threats
were made on his life and he has repeatedly been denied meals. We have
received information that he is no longer allowed to receive mail,
make phone calls or have visitors. This leaves him in total isolation.
Rashid has been filing grievances against abusive guards for years,
and also an outspoken member of the Black Liberation Movement. We
believe he is being targeted for his activities.

A new young correctional officer by the name of C. Dutton, is the
guard reported to have been responsible for much of the abuse and
death threats.

We ask that you please call the Warden of Red Onion State Prison and
Gene Johnsons office, the head of the Virginia Department of
Corrections and demand:

-that continued harassment of Kevin Johnson be stopped

-that C/O Dutton not be allowed near Kevin Rashid Johnson #185492

-that he be allowed to receive mail and his visiting privileges reinstated

-that he receive food

There is the famous saying from a guard to a political prisoner, You
are still alive because too many people care about you.

Please let the officials in Virginia know that you are watching how
they treat our friend and comrade.

Call Tracy Ray, Warden of Red Onion at 276-796-7510 (select wardens extension)

Call Gene Johnson, head of VADOC, at 804- 674-3119

Call Tim Kaine, Governor of VA at 804 – 786-2211

Attached is the latest report outlining incidents of a number of
prisoners with Rashids details in bold, and additional documentation
of abuse at this prison.

If you are in a writing mood:

Tracy S. Ray, Warden of R.O.S.P. P.O. Box 970 Pound, VA 24279

Tim Kaine, Governor of VA State Capital- 3rd Floor Richmond, VA 23219

To see the Human Rights Watch Report on Red Onion State:

Thank You!

Human Rights Coalition-FedUp! Chapter

Please Contact Becky 703-463-0558 [email protected] Penn Ave Pgh,
Pa 15224 412-802-8575 [email protected]