We are pleased to feature, with the authors permission, front-page links to two very important books: Susan Bordos Unbearable Weight and Sandor Katz The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved. IAs core beliefs that (1) the politics of food maps onto virtually every other issue, and that (2) no politics can be serious that does ignores gender analysis, are the reason we are featuring these tomes. Sandor Katz overview of a broadly emerging and ever more revolutionary underground food movement is not only a remarkable bit of research and analysis, it has multiple and extremely useful bibliographies for the people who are writing, thinking, and ding these things. Susan Bordos book is absolutely essential to understanding the contradictory relationship that many American women have with food and for beginning any serious conversation about feminism and-or food-politics. A public shout-out to both authors thank you, to two insurgent Americans.