You may get trouble when getting your dog to settle down to sleep at night. To do this, you need to provide him enough exercise he has tuckered out while you are away.

It’s important to make sure your furry friend has a routine established as well as a good sleep environment. In addition, you should look into crate training, making your home conducive to sleep, and rethinking your environment.

Last, don’t forget to consider both any adjustments and medical conditions he is experiencing. These things will help you to set a good night’s sleep. 

Change your Dog’s Sleep Habits and Environment

Make a good sleep environment

If your dog is a sleepless dog, you can give him a warm blanket for sleeping. At the same time, put a clock that can be able to make a rhythmic ticking sound nearby. In addition, it’s a great idea to try playing the radio softly or using a white noise machine.

They can be able to help your dog sleep. It’s best to use a heating pad under half of the crate. By this way, you can give your pet a warmer corner for cuddling.

Your dog should sleep in a crate

You will have to take some time to get your dog used to the crate if you want to train him to sleep in a crate. The thing you need to do is teaching your puppy to know the crate is an ideal place to sleep.

You can encourage investigation by putting special treats in the back of the crate. It’s important to say “kennel” or “crate” with a positive tone of voice. Make sure your dog know sleeping in a crate is not a punishment. 

Give your dog plenty of exercise

Once your dog is not getting enough exercise throughout the day, he will feel restless at night. Depending on his age, breed, as well as fitness level, you can tire him out in 30 minutes or even 3 hours.

You can do this at any time during the day as long as it is suitable for your schedule. But, you shouldn’t give him a lot of activity the last hour before his sleeping time. That allows him to get a chance to settle down.

Besides, you can consider playing a new activity such as Rally, NoseWork, tracking, agility, or Flyball with your dog. These activities aim to help you and your dog learn new skills. You can increase mental and physical stimulation thanks to getting involved. 

Establish an evening routine for your dog

Your dog needs to have a chance to urinate as well as defecate right before bedtime. Remember to feed your dog a few hours before bedtime. Of course, your dog will get plenty of time to both digest and eliminate.

Once you notice your puppy is overly anxious, it’s time to give him Adaptil. This product will help your dog settle by reducing anxiety. 

Give your dog time

Your dog may have to take time to get used to any changes in his sleeping arrangements. Your dog should receive plenty of exercise to the point of being tired. This will allow him to get a good night’s sleep. Consult your vet about using an antihistamine to settle your dog for a few nights such as Benadryl.

Consider Your Dog’s Sleep Issues

Look for any sleep disruptions

In fact, there is a variety of reasons causing a bit of unrest in your dog. Most importantly, you have to remember that your dog needs a routine.

You may not know a small change for you can be a big deal to your puppy. It’s best to be patient as well as think about things from his perspective. Sure, you will be able to make changes accordingly.

Check for your dog’s medical problems

If you have an older dog that is quiet and content before, it’s important to determine if your dog has a medical problem. Visit your vet. Then, she will help you know about any unexplained changes in your puppy’s behavior.

They include energy level, appetite, as well as ability to move comfortably. You need to eliminate pain or needing to go outside in the midnight because they may make your dog whine and be restless throughout the night. 

Allow a new puppy to adjust to your home

You may have to take a few days to do this. It’s essential to establish ground rules at the beginning. This way helps to create a good routine. In addition, this can make your dog understand the end of day rituals causing getting to sleep in the new household.

You should feed your pet at the same time in the evening. Then, give him a trip outside 15-20 minutes later in order to eliminate. We recommend you to place your dog in his crate. It’s best to put this crate in your bedroom. This way allows him to communicate when he needs to go outside during the night.