Are you finding a new vacuum cleaner? If yes, you should take a look at Bissell because of their wide range of different vacuums to select from. Actually, this brand has been around since the late 1800s.

Nowadays, it still has been one of the most popular brands on the market. They offer everything from stick and uprights to canister vacuums. They are at affordable price tags.

In this post, we will talk about two popular compact powerforce vacuum cleaners from Bissell. Then, make a smart buying decision.  

Who Makes Bissell Vacuums?

Bissell Homecare is well known for a manufacturing corporation making vacuums as well as floor care products. This is actually one of the best-selling brands of such products in North America.

Melville Bissell found it. First, he developed an early sweeping machine for his personal use.

Then, he built his first manufacturing plant in Grand Rapids in 1883. There were about a thousand sweepers produced a day from the company in 1890.

He died in 1889. After that, his wife took over the leadership of the company. Then, she expanded making carpet shampooers and vacuums.

Types of Bissell Vacuum Cleaners

There is a variety of Bissell Vacuum cleaners. They are suitable for most of your flooring cleaning needs.

Bissell upright vacuum cleaner offers powerful suction. Therefore, they are great for cleaning the whole rooms. They can help you easily lift and remove dirt as well as pet hair from your carpets or upholstery.

It’s best to use Bissell canister vacuum cleaners for cleaning above-floor surfaces such as curtains, stairs, car interiors, and upholstery.

Besides upright and canister vacuums, there are also handheld, stick and cordless vacuum cleaners from Bissell.

Handheld models are ideal for quick clean-ups. And, stick and cordless vacuum cleaner are lightweight models. However, they can offer plenty of suction power for all-surface cleaning.

Last, Bissell robotic vacuum cleaner are great for those who need to clean floors with a minimum of effort.

Bissell Powerforce Pet Vacuum Review and Buying Guide

Bissell Aeroswift Compact Bagless Upright Vacuum

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can make your cleaning process a lot easier without less hassles, you should consider this vacuum cleaner.

This product is actually one of the reliable vacuum cleaners. It promises to let you get the house as clean as you expect.

It is designed to perfectly clean the carpets, stairs, upholstery, and more with ease and simplicity.

It comes with the height adjustment feature, so it’s easy for you to adjust the height of the cleaner according to your needs for maximum comfort.

In addition, this unit also offers you an easy transition from one to another. Therefore, it operates well even for hard-to-reach places.

Moreover, there are also every important accessory that is necessary for cleaning thorough.

The vacuum can help to deal with all the dirt while you haven’t to touch them. The device doesn’t require any tools for assembly.

Because of all the wonderful features and advantages, this unit has become a wonderful tool to buy.

However, it also has its own drawbacks. In fact, if you use the device rigorously, it’s suction power may become less.

This shouldn’t be an issue. You need to use the vacuum cleaner with proper care to avoid creating any problem in the long run.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Bissel Upright Powerforce Pet Hair Bagless Allergy

This is another wonderful item from Bissell to consider. This product ensures to help you perform the cleaning process every weekend perfectly.

It’s made with high-grade materials, so you will be satisfied with its durability and reliability.

It is equipped with a dusting brush that helps to handle every speck of dirt from different corners in your house.

Also, there is a stretch hose that increases the coverage of cleaning areas. Moreover, it includes an extension wand that is ideal for cleaning even hard to reach places.

You can choose this unit for use on different surfaces such as carpets, stairs, and bare floors.

It’s easy to use this compact vacuum cleaner without any troubles. This is an upright device, so you can easily transfer it from one surface to another.

This model is equipped with every essential accessory you need for your cleaning sessions.

However, the brush has the bristles that are little stubborn for cleaning. You will have to take a lot of time to completely get rid of the dirt and dust in the spring on the cup.

This vacuum cleaner should be a consideration when you are worrying about the pet’s hairs or the mess created by your kids. You can get the freedom from every feature of this vacuum cleaner.

They help to make your home neat, tidy, and clean. It also can keep you away from getting allergies because of a dirty house seize.


If you have kids and pets in your house, it’s easy to see dirty and messy. A good Bissell powerforce vacuum cleaner can let you sit back as well as relax.

These devices are able to collect every dust, dirt, and filths in minimal time. We have just introduced 2 best powerforce vacuums from Bissell. They promise to give you the best outcomes.

With them, you just need take your vacuum cleaner out and use it for cleaning dirty and untidy created by your lovable kids and pets. They will help you deal with your problems quickly.